BBC: “Yes we lied blatantly to ease the murder of 34 children of 174 civilians by Israeli army; but let’s keep it nice and quiet”

During the most recent large scale Israeli massacre of Palestinians in November 2012 when 34 children of a total of 174 Palestinians civilians were murdered, compared to 4 Israelis, in the UK the BBC was overtly right behind the Israelis as is customary for them.

In the last day or so – nearly a whole year afterwards – the BBC have upheld a complaint that ‘an independent expert’ purportedly from a pro-democracy organisation, who appeared several times in 2 days on BBC News at the start of the conflict, was actually an outright pro-Israeli stooge, and they knew it.

So, let’s be clear, our national broadcaster that we fund 100% to tell us truthfully what is happening in the world BROUGHT IN AN ‘EXPERT’ WHO WAS REALLY A PRO-ISRAELI STOOGE, SOLD HIM TO US AS ‘NEUTRAL’, AND PUT HIM ON THE NEWS 24 TIMES IN TWO DAYS TELLING US THAT THE ISRAELI ATTACKS WERE ‘ALL IN SELF DEFENCE AND FULLY JUSTIFIED’!

And what do we get now – a big apology? Sincere regret from the bigwigs? Some scapegoat’s head rolling?

Nope – this is Israel! Defended to the hilt by what some aptly call the BiBiC (after Bibi Netenyahu). No, we get a deeply buried never to make the light of day “Partly Upheld” label, stuck next to a little complaint, with the gentlest reminder ever – yes just a reminder – for staff:

BBC News, 14 November 2012

The programme included a studio interview with Jonathan Sacerdoti about recent Israeli actions in Gaza.  Two viewers complained that he had not been identified as a pro-Israeli speaker, which was misleading and resulted in bias.

Mr Sacerdoti was introduced as the Director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy, and it was not made clear that he is an active proponent of the Israeli viewpoint.  What he said in the course of the interview was a legitimate expression of that viewpoint, and in keeping with the requirements of due impartiality in such matters.  However, viewers should have been made aware that he was not a neutral commentator.
Partly upheld

Further action
The production team have been reminded of the importance of clearly summarising the standpoint of any interviewee where it is relevant and not immediately clear from their position or the title of their organisation.

This is blatantly biased deception and the burying of it by the BBC once they have taken nearly a year to be forced to admit that it is blatantly biased pro-war deception.

The BiBiC has some of the blood of those innocent children and other civilians on its hands too.

People are proud of this ‘British Institution’?

(See the 1st post below on the BBC’s overwhelmingly pro-Israel Israel output from November 2012 during the massacre)

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