BBC News Report on Gaza, 3.00pm Today July 20th 2014

BBC News Channel 3.00 pm News

Stand-Out Statement:

“The Israeli argument is that they cannot sit by …. ” Yeees Yeees tell us about the Hamas rockets, and then? The Palestinian argument?? He started the sentence like that so he might balance it … … … Nope it never came. The Palestinian argument is not deemed relevant. Guess for many viewers the oddness of hearing only the Israeli side is so ingrained it’s not odd any more.


Something of chaos in Gaza shown and numbers killed given in brief matter of fact way, but true horror avoided bar a few passing shot moments never returned to: mostly shots of people moving around a bit faster than normal, in one case jogging, in functioning not destroyed urban area.

Shot of functioning hospital and crying nurse. No mention or shots of Israeli heavy shelling of al-Wafa hospital (



Numbers Killed – PASS. The daily and running totals of those were given. (Palestinians: over 400 total; Israelis: 7 killed)

Balance of Reps – FAIL. There were no appearances by anyone other than BBC staff but at least 4 long clear mentions of what Israeli reps had said (Netenyahu / IDF): apparently dropping warning leaflets; “will do what’s necessary to defend ourselves”; “want to avoid civilian casualties”; “need to go into Shejaya – main weapons store”, but not a single mention of what any Palestinian representative / Hamas spokesperson had said on anything at all.

Blame – FAIL. Plentiful use of the Israeli ‘in defence’ card: quotes above, especially last piece where after Israeli quotes the BBC man said ‘independently’ “and that’s why they have needed to go into Shejaya”!!!

Military – FAIL. There was no mention at all of the massive difference in weapons capabilities. Hamas rockets received repeated mention making it seem a greater threat especially during a slow motion long-shot of soldiers helping an injured comrade; Israeli shelling did not.

Big Picture: FAIL. No mention at all of Israeli illegal occupation and siege of Gaza.






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